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    Recording Typing in Demo mode and mouse pointer


      I have a question about how Captivate captures typing in Demonstration mode. The issue is mainly the mouse pointer. I can change the mouse pointer to show the I-beam from the mouse properties, but the result is that the mouse pointer become the I-beam before the mouse actually clicks the text entry box.

      I want the mouse pointer to:
      1)stay as the arrow while moving to the text entry box
      2)Click entry box and change to I-beam
      3) trigger typing

      I've played around with duplicating slides and fiddling with the mouse to show and hide. Any ideas?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lisa

          I think you are on the right track for what you want to do. As each slide is limited to a single mouse movement, it is also limited to a single mouse pointer. For example, on a single slide, you cannot have the mouse move from point a to point b, passing over a field and suddenly changing to an I Beam. I suppose this is probably possible if the slide contains a full motion clip, but you can't edit those so these aren't what I'm referring to. I'm talking about your average slides.

          What you can do is to have a slide where the mouse moves up to the point where the pointer changes. On the next slide, the mouse pointer uses the I Beam and perhaps types. Then the slide after that would have the mouse pointer back to an arrow if desired.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            lforman Level 1
            Hi rick,

            I did figure out that I could duplicate a slide and set the mouse cursor to the I-beam and set the timing to .5 sec. This will simulate my needs.

            Thanks lisa