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    Saving Favorites

      I am curious how to setup a way saving a user’s favorites. (Not URL shortcuts) Such as a users is viewing my site and likes a picture or movie etc.. The user can click a “Add to my favorites” button and they can go back to it at a later date.

      Now while I can already do this using a separate database table for holding the values of User Identity and Favorite Identity. Then when the user logs in and goes to the favorites list the database is just queried and for the User Identities favorites. Now while this has been an efficient method for a small site with not many people viewing it. I can for a future problem with this method. It would tax the database having to pull hundreds of entries per user.

      So how do the big sites do it? (Youtube, Amazon, etc..) Would they be using the same type of system I have set up? What methodology would be more efficient?