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      how can delete w3d scene background without uncheck DTS..?

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          tedalde2 Level 2
          If you want to use "background transparent" to see through to the stage behind, then you need to have DTS checked. Otherwise you can use a camera.backdrop to place a bitmap image behind everything else in the w3d scene. That way you can have a static background image in w3d, but leave DTS on.
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            newmfa Level 1

            I tried use backdrop to an image, but this image deformed..why?
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              tedalde2 Level 2
              I'm guessing on "deformed"... the texture you use for the backdrop may not be sized correctly. Textures should be created in powers of 2 (128 x 128, or 4 x 256, etc). That way they will not be automatically scaled when you create the texture. Note that you can also scale, rotate, position (loc), and blend backdrops and overlays. Can you post an image of what is wrong?