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    Saving content

      I am wanting to record the number of time a user clicks on a button and then when exiting to save that to a TXT file on the hard drive. (the PC is a dedicated terminal)
      I have been able to record the clicks to a field cast member but cant't get the value in the field to save to a file...
      I have tried Buddy File, but there does not seem to be a way to put my value in...

      Script to record button click
      on mouseUp me
      go to "main+1"
      put value(member("home-push").text)
      member("home-push").text = string(value(member("home-push").text) + 1)

      button to save results into file
      on mouseUp me
      home = member("home-push")
      ok = baAppendFile( "c:\xxxx\Stats\home-push.txt", "home" )

      This puts the word ( home ) into the txt file

      any help welcome

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          nevereasy Level 1
          on mouseUp me
          home = member("home-push").text
          ok = baAppendFile( "c:\xxxx\Stats\home-push.txt", home)

          try these 2 changes. That is .text to 2nd line and remove inverted commas from the variable called home.