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    My email is exploding with mail system errors, emails saying that an email I sent was returned, etc......

    christinep9922870 Level 1

      I have received hundreds of emails yesterday and today and they keep coming.  And not any one address is being rejected.  Most addresses that it is referring to end in a ".ru" at the end (as opposed to ".com" or ".org", etc.

      I have not emailed anyone in several days.  And now it won't even let me send emails. It says I have exceeded the attempts for the day or something like that. I am receiving legitimate emails from people. But the hundreds of emails are a problem. I did send out an email campaign on Sunday March 1st to about 1700 contacts on a spreadsheet.  There were no email addresses ending in a .ru on that mailing list. But even after sending that campaign on Sunday, I didn't start seeing these returned notices until 4 days later.

      Anyone able to help me? I sent a support ticket to Business Catalyst yesterday but no response. And of course there is no phone number to call them.