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    Does Adobe Care Anymore?

    RickGroff Level 1

      Now that Quark XPress is all but dead (yay!), and there's no other comparable page-layout program, does Adobe really care about their customers?


      I'm prompted to pose that question since the introduction of InDesign CC and CC2014. I've been using Adobe products for years: PageMaker 3 through 7, Photoshop 2 through CS6, and then InDesign 1 through CC2014. I've always loved Adobe products and can't live without them, UNTIL the CC version came out. Even after a couple of updates, it's still filled with annoying bugs, a lot of UI inconsistencies, it's incredibly slow to do all sorts of things at times, and crashes nearly as much as Quark XPress used to.


      These problems occur on dozens of computers at my workplace with different versions of OSX as well as three computers I use in my home office as a freelancer. I only use CC when I absolutely have to (generally when I take work home over the weekend), but all my freelance work remains in CS6, which is still the most rock-solid version of InDesign ever.


      For the first time I'm having to use an Adobe product that I honestly don't enjoy. Sad.

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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          remains in CS6, which is still the most rock-solid version of InDesign ever.


          I started using CC for production in the fall along with Yosemite and it hasn't crashed yet. Not to downplay your problems, but what have you done to isolate the instability? Try disabling third party extensions & scripts, trash any browser addons (there are reports of problems with Chrome and Firefox plugins). Also what kind of system maintenance do you do? I run Cocktail to make sure the OSX maintenance scripts run, clear caches, logs and repair permissions.

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            No, Adobe does not care anymore.  Our organization has already paid for InDesign CS6 and I am at a complete loss as to how to download our product. AFAK the only thing to do as a support person with purchase decision authority is to speak against doing business with Adobe every chance I get.  (And I go to a lot of meetings...)

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Rick – why do you think "Quark Xpress is all but dead" ?



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                Frans van der Geest (ACP) Adobe Community Professional

                QuarkXPress is very much alive, coming with a new version QuarkXPress 2015 that is very, very, very promising (and very fast in performance! Also 64 bit). And no need for a 'Cloud' thingie, just a perpetual license, no subscription or whatever needed. Complete support for FXL ePub, that allows for scrollable frames etc. Take a look at their website yourself (sorry Adobe).

                (Oh, and: full support for FXL ePub export to Kindle as well)

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  I was going to stay out of this silly conversation...

                  Now that Quark XPress is all but dead (yay!), and there's no other comparable page-layout program, does Adobe really care about their customers?

                  Whether ya like the application, have had issues with it, or simple hate it/the company for whatever reason, if you believe as your rhetorical question implies that Adobe doesn't care, shouldn't you root for Q to survive and maybe even prosper for the sake of competition? To keep the honest, honest. To encourage innovation? Whatever. I use both and more.

                  I think Adobe wants to survive and thrive. While desktop applications may only be a part of its business revenue, it is a decent part of it. Adobe doesn't want people to abandon ship. Regardless of how you, me or the man in the moon would make business choices "if we were in charge," Adobe gets to make its own for better or worse. Some of those choices are definitely not the ones I would make...but neither are choices made by my elected officials. Or my wife or children over certain matters. But none of them ask my advice nor would take it anyway. Which is why they don;t ask I suppose.

                  As for CC itself? CC 2014 is definitely a productivity boost here. Makes my perpetual license CS6 seem like it's a pig on when running on my laptop. On the desktop there is less a difference but there is still a difference, especially noticeable when I am bringing in large chunks of XML. CC is just plain quicker at it. But none of the 3 versions of ID crash or freeze hardly ever here. (No more or less than does any version of Q, either.) Happens once in a blue moon and it is most often when I am running resources low, too many applications running for a too long a period of time without ever shutting down and restarting the computers.

                  Ah well. First cup of Joe is finished. Time to do something positive with the day.