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    Linking between books for PDF export

    cchimi Level 2

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about setting up links between books in such a way that they'll export to PDF? Here's my scenario: I have two books (indb files with many indd files each). One of the books needs to link to text anchors I've set up in the other. However, linking between the files doesn't work because each book is exported as a single PDF. I had planned to merge the files of the book that is being linked to prior to creating the links, but no matter what I try, Move Pages causes reflow (and given the length and intricacy of the documents I'm sure it's not worth the time to try to fix the reflow; I'd be better off linking the PDF by hand).


      Is this just not a possible workflow? I considered linking to a 'dummy' file that was named like my second book is named, but from what I can tell ID doesn't really export the text anchors in any usable fashion; you either get the links when you export or you can't massage them into being. Any advice would be appreciated.