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    Adobe Flash Player Weird Issue....


      So guys,i play a MMORPG called Dead Frontier,i always played this game normally,without any issues...but then...2 weeks ago,this annoying warning keeps appearing in the site,and i think this issue is messing up with other things in my pc...yes i have the most recently flash player version installed,and i uninstalled and installed a bunch of times,,just to see if this would fix...well nothing seems to be different...same problem...


      This warning is messing up with my game,some youtube videos i normally see,but now there are weird noises sometimes in the videos and in the MMORPG game(this weird noises is worse when i play the game),i believe this annoying noises is because this flash player issue....can someone help me how to fix this problem?i tried in alot of ways to fix,but i give up...you guys are my only hope to fix this flash player problem:


      Repeating:the warning is :"This game requires that you have Javascript turned on, and that you have Adobe Flash 9 or higher installed. Click the button below to install it (will take less than 30 seconds).:"

      i already have javasscript and he is turned on,he is updated as well,everything normally....but this warning is really annoying me,i just give up trying fix...if someone have some idea in how fix this little issue,i would be very grateful

      I don't want format my computer again,i already formated recently....help me here guys,i desperate here


      Take a look,maybe this image helps to explain....(bad english?i know,i brazilian)

      if this helps,my windows is 8.1....i just tired of trying fix this,help me someone....bug.png