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    Issues with EXR file workflow in AE CC2014


      I think I'm setting up my color space incorrectly because when I apply the provided LUT it looks nothing like the reference file. I have also tried manually inputing the color values provided in the .cdl with Colorista Free. Still no luck. My highlights are overblown, and it doesn't seem to be fixed with curves or levels.


      I'm going to say upfront that I don't understand Linearized vs. NonLinearized work spaces. However, I know how to change it. So, if anyone has a suggested workflow for EXR files, I would deeply appreciate it!!


      Here's what I have tried:

      16 bit sRGB both Linearized and Non

      16 bit Rec. 709 (since it's just going to AVID) both Linearized and Non

      16 bit e-RGB both linearized and non


      I have also tried the original 8 bit, no working color space setting.