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    How do I get a refund?

    thralthamidor Level 1

      I just purchased AE CS6 today and it wouldn't open and said no updates were available. I searched online and found that there was an 11.0.4 update. Did the update and then it opened but crashes if I try to open an existing project or import any object to a new project.


      I go through the support options but I am only redirected from everywhere to the forums (CC AE, of course). I call and any button you hit that isn't Creative Cloud hangs up on you.


      No support? No refunds? No Customer Service for a just purchased product? My only option is to charge back my card. When did Adobe turn into such a scam? Truly appalling.


      AE 11.0.4

      Mac OS 10.10.2

      Mac Pro Late 2013

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have CS6, CC and CC2014 running on a very similar system. Same OS, 16GB RAM. Which makes me ask what kind of error messages and what other things have you installed? I know it's frustrating but it's hard to solve anything with so little info.

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            thralthamidor Level 1

            Hello Rick. If I open AE CS6 and click on one of the suggested projects in the splash window, it will open. But if I go to import something, as soon as I get to the 'open dialog window', it hangs requiring a force-quit.


            If I go to open a previous project requiring a 'finder open dialog', it will hang and I have to force-quit AE.


            I have rebooted, checked/fixed permissions, Uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted in Safe Mode (to eliminate 3rd party software), Checked for any possible updates and tried other similar software (which work fine).  Spent way too much time on this.