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    Adobe Digital Editions Help please?


      I have purchased my first e-book: "Adobe Premiere Pro CC Digital Classroom" from JB HiFi. The payment went through successfully and I tried to download the e-book. I got the message that to download the e-book I had to install Adobe Digital Editions. I did this and got the message that it installed successfully and that my e-book was downloaded. When I opened Digital Editions I had two books there: "Getting Started with Digital Editions" which opened correctly and my purchased book "Premiere Pro CC" which would not open. I have been trying since Christmas to get this to work but it will not. I have also tried sending emails to Adobe asking for help and have had no response. Their help line is only open weekdays and I work full time so cannot get to talk to anyone. I use Adobe Light Room extensively, Photoshop a little and I was hoping to use Premiere Pro CC if I can get some help with opening this e-book. Will someone please help me?