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    Can't open myFlash CS6 file or even open a new file

    IyannaOden Level 1

      Hello, my name is Serena Oden and I install Flash CS6 onto my windows 8.1 Toshiba laptop that’s run 64 bits and 500 GB / 4.00 GB(3.57 GB usable). Photoshop CS5 (64 bit) , After Effect CS6 , and Illustrator CS6(64) works fine on my laptop and Flash CS6 runs just fine recently in early to mid-month of February of 2015. When I open a new flash file or recent flash file, and took forever to load up file and  said “not responding” . The percentage of the CPU or Memory of my laptop in the task manager became high that I have to end task of my flash, can you please help solve this problem. Thank you , Serena oden