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    best way to do timeout prompts?

      I'm using MX 2004, and I need voiceover timeout prompts. What's the best way to accomplish the timing? I've used onEnterFrame to count down some timers, but, but I've had mixed results - they don't have to be too accurate, just working with some predictabillity. I'm also concerned that using onEnterFrame may slow things down too much.

      I tried to use setInterval directly, and have the interval clear itself, but it didn't. I also tried Senocular's setTimeout function that uses setInterval, but it only runs once, same kind of thing I tried in simpler form. I tried different things and now I'm all confuzzled - sometimes they work and sometimes not. I should probably start from scratch (again), but deadlines are looming and I can't think straight anymore - I'm just kind of thrasing around - I also tried a "do nothing" loop, but then I get a "slow script" warning.

      I think part of the problem is that I have some voiceovers as prompts and they aren't finished by the time the interval is cleared. I preloaded them into a swf and am loading the movie that way.

      Advice is greatly appreciated, TIA!