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    Turn disappearing particles into a wall of squares

    Oaneyl Level 1

      I recently had an idea for  a new intro for a broadcast on the internet. I usually make them with Adobe After Effects and the plug-in Particular from Trapcode. That’s an animation with pouring ink, before a text revelation. When the text has appeared, it explodes into particles until it completely disappears into a smooth kind of smoke effect. What I want to do now, is to turn this smoke/particular disappearance effect into a new stuff, such as a wall of squares crashing on screen in wich I could add some appearing/disappearing text and so on. My question is, is it possible , with a software such as after effects and a plug-in such as trapcode, to turn disappearing particles into squares crashing on screen, can I create that thanks to particles?


      Thank you in advance and sorry for my English, hoping it is still understandable