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    What are the best settings for inporting and exporting PE 12?   I use a Canon HDV VIXIA HV40 - HDV 1080i . Viewing the videos on this Canon are in HD quality but no HD quality wiyh Adobe PE12.[I have WINDOWS 8.1]


      I have tried all the different settings, but my videos do not have HD quality, why?


      P.S. - Videos turn out better (but not HD quality) with PE 12 when I do not use RENDER .


      When I watch the video on my camera they have HD quality.



      My system -


      Windows 8.1

      Processor -       Intel(R) Core(TM)  i7-477OK  CPU @ 3.50 GHz  3.50 GHz

      Ram -               800GB

      System type -   64-bit operating system,x64 - based processor.