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    PS Batch/Droplet serial number not incrementing?

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      I'm hoping someone can provide a solution.

      I'm trying to make a batch that ill then convert to a droplet so I can then use a watch folder to run the droplet. (Automate as much as possible, as I process a lot of files)


      A little how I would process files at present: Open mockup in PS>run batch with action already created, once complete, move onto the next mockup.

      Now the master mockup file I use has a smart layer that I place data into, this then transforms the pasted image into a mockup to represent the product.


      Now the problem, the serial number does not increment as I'm trying to use a droplet I have to include an open and close command for the mockup, this then stops the number incrementing. (The number must be attached to the PS file). This then keeps exporting the files and over riding 001 every time.


      We use extend script with illustrator daily so I'm not sure if using this is a solution?


      Any feedback is highly appreciated!



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          If you use a script like Photoshop image processor if the file it generates is filename+serialnumber and filename+serialone exists in the destination folder the image processor script generate the next serial name and saves filename+setialunique...


          Scripts can be used in actions and the Image Processor Pro script that can be downloaded from the web is a Plug-in script that will bypass displaying its dialog when recorded into an action so you can use the Image Processor Pro in an action and batch that action it will not be interactive and batch well.

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            Thanks for the info about image processor pro!


            I don't have an issue with numbering if I'm running these files manually like we work at the moment. It's when I'm trying to automate it using a droplet I'm having an issue.


            I've never really used bridge before but if I can make a watch folder in there to run the action and the IPP take over the naming of the output that would work.... something I'm working on now......


            I can supply a sample file/action/output if you can be more of assistance?







            It seems I need a way of suppressing dialogs when using the IPP from a script also so this will not work

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              Try using the Image  Processor Pro in the action you used to create the droplet.   If the output file exist that script will generate the next name. Actions can not use logic on their own.  If the droplet you create has a problem naming the output file that it replaces files rather then generating the next name the action you created the droplet  needs to use some scripting. See that the output file exists and if it does generate a unique name upping the sequence number till  its unique one that does not exists.  Actions can not use logic without using a script.


              The Image Processor script is not a plug-ij it will always show its dialog.  The Image Processor Pro script is a Photoshop Plug-in It will bypass displaying iys dialog when user by playing the action step that was generated recording its used.  What it recorded will be used.    Once installed the Image Processor Pro script is accessec and recorded usinf  menu File>Automate>Image Processor Pro...   Where the non plug-in Image Processor the ships with Photoshop is Access via menu File>Scripts>Image Processor.  It does not have plug-in support programmed in. It can not record settings into an actions step.



              When you record the IPP action the dialog will show and IPP will record the settings used into the action step,  When the action is played the dialog will not show instead the recorded setting will be use.  If you do not turn on that action step dialog.



              There is no requirement to use the bridge.... Infact if you use the bridge to select files then use menu tools Photoshop Image processor Pro  you will not be using  your droplet or action..  If you set up the IPP dialog to use your action that uses IPP I think it may fail recursive use of a plug-in is questionable.