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    Can someone help me in building an interactive PDF form with dynamic bounding box?


      Hi Guys,


      I need to create an interactive PDF form which will contain images, text and fields.


      This is how it would be laid out:


      Header Image at the top.

      Below that a Text Box with a question "Choose the number of licenses" and a drop down option from 1 to 10.


      Depending on what they select, I need the following to be displayed.


      The following should be encapsuled by a bounding box.


      If "1" is selected. "Username: <blank field>    Password: <blank field>


      Then a button which says "Click Here To Login To Your New Account".


      The bounding box should end here.. and I have more text and images below.


      This I could achieve! But now if I select "2" I would need the bounding box to automatically become taller to accommodate two rows with "Username <blank> Password <blank>

      The bounding box needs to expand or contract based on the number selected in the drop down.


      Would love to here your thoughts on this!