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    hyperlinks to remote topics in a CHM files on the network


      I'm developing a set of policy manuals that will be accessible from both a new application that we are building as well as our intranet site. The policy manuals will not be the system help files. Our IT folks are using CHM format for the help file and want the business to publish the policy manuals in the CHM format. Apparently it's easier for them to build context sensitive help and policy manual hooks with chm then web help. These files will not be distributed to the client desktops but will be accessible from the network.... The necessary changes have been made to the network server and desktops to allow the CHMs to be opened from a specific network folder.

      My policy manuals have hyperlinks between the different projects. In addition I have merged to manuals with the intent of merging more to provide a consolidated ability to search for policies accross our office's units and services. (Note plural services all sharing a common application)

      Interestingly after publishing the currently three projects (one being a consolidated project for two manuals.) and after our IT copied the chms to the production environment, I tested the product and found that the hyperlinks navigate back to the files where I originally published them. Regretably because of change management protocols I can't publish directly to the production environment.

      A similar problem exists with the merged projects.

      I was able to go into TrueCode and have the CHM in effect default to the current folder where I just want to bring up a specific topic bring in a chm file stored in the same folder using <p><a href="ms-its:PGS_Jurisdiction_Manual_(09-08-2006).chm::/Intro.htm">Jurisdiction

      My problem is that I can't get get the a hyperlink to do the same thing but open up the entire chm in a new window with it's own table of contents, index, search. The best that I could do was: p><a href="file://c:/Documents and Settings/beletzd/Desktop/PGS_Jurisdiction_Manual_(09-08-2006).chm" Getting rid of the folder info, leaving just the file name does not work. Ideally I don't want to specify the server folder information since this could change over time and would mean many changes.

      In addition I can't see how do do anything similar with a merged project. Maybe there's something in a baggage file but I don't know which one.

      Unfortunately there is not much HTML type support inhouse.