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    Publishing Results in Server Crash

    RadBean Level 1
      After publishing to the Web server several times, the server eventually crashes and has to be rebooted. Our network administrator thinks the RoboEngine is not releasing memory back to the server once it publishes the help files. Is that possibly what is happening? If so, is there a solution to get around the problem? After the server is rebooted, the help file seems to run just fine.

      I can't keep having the administrator reboot the server; it prevents other agency departments and customers from accessing information on the agency website while the rebooting process is occurring.


      Radford Bean
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Radford Bean

          From what you are describing, it would sound as if you are repeatedly publishing in fairly rapid succession. Maybe even multiple times per day? If this is the case, I'm not sure you are willing to scale back the publishing process? Perhaps once a week or so?

          It's been my experience with RoboHelp and basic WebHelp that I might generate many times a day, but I might only have a need to actually publish on a weekly basis.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            RadBean Level 1
            Thanks for the feedback. I am indeed publishing several times because I am trying to figure out why I get inconsistencies in the synonym editor and why search results come up empty. I will have to publish to the internal server until I get the search results figured out, then publish to the external server. The problem only seems to affect the external server.