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    Linking to msg files

      I am trying to create a mailto link where the To, Subject, and Body fields are already predetermined. The problem is that the body has a table that needs to be filled out by the user. Unfortunately, I can specify the To and Subject fields, but the body only displays text. I tried saving an Outlook message as a .msg file, but our servers don't support .msg.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how to include a table in a mailto: link. If it can't be done, would there be any other solution? Thanks!
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          Roger N Level 2
          flatk -

          The mailto: has a lot of drawbacks; no formatting, less than 256 bytes capacity, limited browser and mail reader compatibility, the use can change the contents, etc.

          You will want to contact your web support/ IT team, and have a form built that is submitted to the server, and the server-side deals with sending the mail and applying the table to it.

          Google for server-side mailing and whatever platform and language you have available, such as "server-side mailing CGI" or ASP, for some additional direction... but your IT guys will know what to do.