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    Please help with first time PC build


      As a guy coming from a 8 year old 3,1 MacPro into PCs I need a bit of help evaluating all the different combinations when it comes to building a PC.


      I'm woking in CC mainly with After Effects and Premiere. In AE I'm working with Element 3D/optical flares, getting into some C4D.

      Premiere mainly with HD and Blackmagic cinema dng & prores. Working with some 4k Red footage. Additional CC applications but After Effects and Premiere are the main concern. Also, hoping to use Resolve, but haven't.


      I'm not going to be building it myself, there is a computer place that will be assembling and this was their suggested build with parts that they usually use with workstations along with some of my input from looking online. I think the vast amount of work they do is for gamers, and since I won't be gaming at all I want to make sure this is a solid work machine.


      Motherboard : 2011-v3 : ATX : X99S SLI PLUS : MSI

      CPU : Intel Core i7 5820K (6 x 4.0 GHz Overclock, 12 x threads)

      Case : ATX : No PSU : P70 Silence (Black) : Antec

      PSU : 750W : Smart Standard 80 Plus : SP-750PCBUS : Thermaltake

      RAM : Desktop DDR4 : 16GB/Kit : PC4-17000 : Crucial

      Cooling : CPU : Liquid : 120mm : Kuhler H2O 650 : KuhlerH2O650 : Antec

      Video Card : PCI-E : NVIDIA : GTX 970 : 4GB : ZT-90101-10P : Zotac

      HD : SSD : 250GB : SATA3 : Samsung 850 EVO (OS, Programs)

      HD : HDD : 2TB : SATA : WD2003FZEX Black : Western Digital (media, projects)

      HD : SSD : 500GB : SATA3 : BX100 Series : CT500BX100SSD1 : Crucial (media cache, previews, exports)

      I have a couple of 500GB 7200 seagate drives that were in my mac pro that I will probably bring over to keep photos, documents and other personal stuff.

      I have a 3TB caldigit vr raid that I'm thinking I can connect to the pc via esata

      As a potential extra I'm considering a 4TB backup drive where I can copy everything over incase of a drive failure.


      I appreciate any input, thanks

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          many of the components chosen look to fit in a budget? they are lower quality brands or at least lower model versions.


          the i7-5820k is the best for value, but if its in the budget can look at the i7-5960X

          motherboard - asus or gigabyte

          case - silent case look at the fractal design define r5, or max air case look for something with front and top 2x140mm or larger fans, like the Thermaltake Core V71.

          cooling - if using water cooling should consider at least 240 or 280. if not overclocking go with a big air cooler from noctua or phanteks.

          video card - asus, gigabyte, evga brands

          psu - corsair HX or AX series, seasonic X or SS series, XFX pro series, or thermaltake tough power series.  gold, platinum, or titanium rating, close to 1,000 watts if overclocking.

          ram - at least 32gb, leaving room for 64gb.  crucial, corsair, kingston, or gskill.

          ssd - samsung 850 pro series or intel 730 480gb version.

          storage - use the caldigit vr raid or setup an internal raid

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            Thanks for the suggestions,

            I do have a budget but it wasn't as though I was asking for lower end, it still ended up being over 3000. I think online prices might be better but I'm just not sure I can physically build the thing myself.

            Thanks for the brand suggestions on the 970 and motherboard.

            I think I'll have to be shopping around a bit more.

            I don't really know much about cooling, is liquid cooling a big deal? Do you have a suggestion for what to look for in a liquid cooled set up?

            Thanks again

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              water cooling is good for high/max overclocks. a 280mm or larger is going to outperform air coolers, but they take alot of space. so you have to find a case that holds one of those and still leaves room for the components around it. the higher the overclock, the more it requires an expensive motherboard, power supply, cpu cooler and a good airflow case.


              water cooling systems used to be required for medium to high overclocking, but the air cooler designers have made great progress in the last couple of years to be able to compete against the water coolers. the big air coolers now outperform the 120/140mm single fan water coolers and even compete against the 240mm all-in-one/closed loop systems. for low to medium overclocking, the big air coolers are cheaper, quieter, and no risk of leaking water.  the big air coolers also require a wide case to be able to fit inside. if not overclocking at all then go air, can go medium to large heatsink/fan depending on case and how quiet you want it.


              you can price out all the parts and compare it against what the local shop is going to charge. if they are going to handle warranty repairs and offer any extra service with build, then consider that vs just the part cost.

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                I've been reconsidering my build in light of what you said and I'm hoping you could look it over.


                PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 850 - $174.99

                CASE - Fractal Design Define R5 - $139.99

                I'm still not sure about cooling. The R5 has 2 fans included, on on the back and one of the front. Is that enough or do I need another?

                CPU cooler - From what I understand I will still need a fan on the CPU and I've seen the Noctua NH-D15 and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO on other forums. Thoughts?

                I have no experience over clocking so I'm thinking I will just leave the CPU as is.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard the 5820 is a better price/performance value than the 5930 so I'm thinking it's worth it to save the $250. Unless this CPU only makes sense if you OC

                CPU - i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz- $469.99

                Motherboard - Asus 99-A - $334.99

                Originally I had the regular Crucial Ram picked out but It looks like the Crucial Ballistix Sport has a higher speed and is on sale for basically the same price. Latency is 15 for the regular and 16 for the ballistix? Is that the right call?

                RAM - Crucial 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 2133 PC4-17000 - $449.99


                RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 2400 PC4-19200  - $439.99

                Video Card - GIGABYTE GV-N970G1 Gaming-4GD GTX 970 - $449.99

                System Drive - Samsung 850 Pro 256GB - $194.99  2 of these one for system and another for media cache, previews, and exports.


                Am I forgetting anything?

                Thanks for taking a look

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                  for fans, its always good to have more pulling air in, than exhausting, so add at least one more. you can take the one pre-installed as rear exhaust and move it to the front so they match. then buy a new 140mm pwm fan for the rear. just check with motherboard you get that it has 4 pin (pwm) case fan spot that rear fan can use. if you add another fan in the bottom/floor of the case, it might only fit a 120 in there with the psu next to it.


                  the noctua coolers are best known for efficient and silent, but phanteks, bequiet, and cryorig also make coolers that get good ratings. look for any that have two 140mm fans, or a 140mm/120mm combo. i wouldn't skimp on the cooler, so i wouldn't use the cooler master evo.


                  that i7-5820k is best price to performance ratio, with the haswell-E lineup. its hard to justify the prices of the others, unless the speed is needed. the only other reason is if loading up the system with multiple gpu's or pci-e cards, then the other cpu's will handle that better.


                  the faster ram (ddr4-2400) is always welcome for performance.


                  that gigabyte gtx 970 is pushing the limits of the space inside the define R5. it may just barely fit in, or it may require removing some of the hdd cages to make space. you may have to research that video card and case to find out exactly how it fits, or consider changing the case or card...

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                    Great info. I think I'll go with the Noctua NH-D15 for my cooler.

                    The ASUS STRIX-GT970 looks a bit shorter but even if I go with that I don't really want to order a case that's too tight and make a first time build even harder.

                    Do you have thoughts about this case? The Phanteks "Enthoo Pro series" PH-ES614

                    Would a bigger full size case make sense? Is there a particular full size case I'm missing?


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                      phanteks seems to be gaining popularity with their gear, but for that case i would stick with the define R5 as a silent case. there appears to be no noise dampening material in the phanteks case, and the dust filters and fan covers on the define R5 have better options. nzxt and corsiar have some silent cases if you want to look at some others, just consider the fan sizes (140mm or larger), noise dampening (if wanted), and dust filters. the define R4 is still around if you want to save a little money, you can look at review videos to compare.


                      bigger cases are used for a few reasons. to hold over-sized gear, such as extended ATX motherboards or really long video cards. large cases are also used to hold big custom water cooling setups or if needing more than 6-8 hdd bays.