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    play spitesheets end to end


      I'm new to Edge.  I have an animation broken into 5 separate spritesheets (due to size constraints).  I'd like to play the spritesheets end to end, so as to create a single continuous animation.  When I drag the sprite objects onto the stage, they all start at zero, so they're stacked on top of each other and play simultaneously.  How do I manage to set up and play the sprite objects in sequence?  Many thanks.

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          Manigandan Adobe Employee

          Hi Bruce

          You can achieve this is multiple ways. Simplest option is, you can place the symbols on timeline and make them play one after the other by adjusting the 'Playback' options present in the timeline. Just click on the '+' sign and place the playback at the end of the previous symbol's time frame. Also, you can simply remove/hide a symbol that has finished playing on stage.

          I can share some working sample with you if you are not able to do it.




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            bhnh Level 1

            Excellent.  Thank you, Maniganden.     How does one hide or remove a symbol?  I can't seem to find any documentation on it.