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    Looking for CD Pro Xtra or Tab Julius

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      I am looking for the CD Pro Xtra and Penworks, the company that owned it is no longer in existence. Tab Julius wrote the Xtra and I can't seem to find any current contact info for him. Does anyone know how copyrights work when the company that held it is gone? It seems like its abandoned ware. I really need this. Help me, please.
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          I am also looking for a Penworks Xtra. I downloaded the demo of the Vcap video capture Xtra and need the registration info.
          Their website and all associated e-mail have disappeared. I've been calling their old number everyday. The number is still in service but no one ever answers. Does anyone have the registration info to the Vcap Xtra or know how to contact the developer?
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            I've given up on finding this. Without any support, just imagine what problems there would be with this xtra in the next year when Vista starts to creep into the picture. I do believe that if the company no longer exists and there is no support for the people who purchased these Xtras in the past, they should be passed around freely. There is no company to sue you. No one holds the copyright now!
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              I completely agree. If you find a resource for the registration info or any of their Xtras post here. I'll do the same.
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                I know/knew Tab and worked with him on a few projects. He's a good guy. I think he just got re-married recently and I am hypothesizing here, but perhaps his interest in this line of work has simply waned over the years. The CD Xtra was last updated in 2003, I believe. I also remember reading a tech note on his website (when it existed) that said something to the effect that XP had completely destroyed the idea of Enhanced CDs as a platform. Microsoft built a new way of (mis-)reading the multiple partitions of an ECD that would cause a Director project to crash.

                I can also tell you that in order to register the CD Xtra, a serial had to be generated (by him) that tied it to the serial and registration info of your version of Director. Basically, hack-proof. So even if you did find an install of the Xtra, you'd never be able to get it to run in anything other than demo mode.

                I also remember bad crashes and tearing my hair out when trying to switch CDs in the middle of a program.

                Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I wish someone would develop a new x-platform solution for this.

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                  Not sure what you needed from CD Pro Xtra, but there is the FireFly Xtra
                  from MediaMacros.

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