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    I need help writing an if then statement Java Script.


      In the Text Field Properties box I see the Calculate tab where I think that the form can do a logic (IF/THEN) function if I can place the correct Java Script code into the form. Unfortunately; I do not know how to write in Java Script.


           - I have a form with a field identifier called BACompnayAddress (this is the field where they would enter their address).

           - I then have a form field with two radials that says "Is the shipping address the same as the business Address" - "Yes" and "No" (the form identified for the radials is SASame.

      What I am trying to accomplish:

           - If they click Yes, I would like the Shipping Address field (field identifiier ShippingAddressAddress) to fill in the information found in BACompanyAddress and if they click No leave the  field blank to be filled out by the person filling out the form.


      I appreciate any help.