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    New PC and Premiere Elements 13 craches??


      HI everyone!


      I just bought a new custom-built PC few days ago, I also purchased the Premiere Elements 13 on Adobes website.


      I started working on a video yesterday – and it was working so well and smooth – until it crashed.


      The error is something like: “Adobe Premiere Elements 13 stop working correctly. A problem is avoiding Premiere Elements from running smoothly. Window is shutting the program down and will let you know when a solution is found” – nothing else..


      I was cutting a 1:30 min video with AVCHD footage and the first crash came when I was just starting to fade the clips.

      First time I did not save, but I saw it auto saving couple of minutes before crash. And that file could not be opened again. I started all over, used the ‘save as’ and saved a few times during working on the clip. Again it crashed out of nowhere. This time I could open my file again, but just for 5 secs and the BAM another crash. Tried again maybe it was open for 10 secs – again it crashed.

      I waited a couple of minutes opened the file, and just wanted to export it as an mpeg 720p 30frames – when it reached 11-12% a got a new error ‘Error compiling movie, unknown error’ (this did not make the program shutdown, but just made me unable to export, no matter have many times I tried).


      I am furious and I don’t know what to do???

      I am used to Element 9 on my laptop. Where it runs slowly and it lacks. But I only experienced a few crashes with it and believed the reason to be my laptop starting to overheat.

      New PCs specs:

      Kabinet – LC-01 mATX Destop case

      Bundkort – Asrock B85M PRO4 mATX

      Processor - Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz

      Ssd – KINGSTON 240GB

      Harddisk - 1000GB Sata 6

      Grafik – Asus GeForce GT730 1GB

      RAM - 16GB DDR3 1600

      DVD brænder - DVD-RW Sort DVD Brænder

      Styresystem – Windows 8.1 DK 64-Bit