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    In Design CS4 won't launch


      Hi All - hope you can help. I've got the full CS4 suite on my Mac and it has been fine as I've upgraded Mac osx over the years however although the other applications are working fine In Design is popping an error message. With Illustrator etc I think I had to re enter my licence key when I upgraded to Mavericks but this is the first time I've tried In Design (explains why I'm not buying into CC) As you can see rather than asking for the key it's throwing an error. Obviously I've tried restarting. Given there is nothing in the licence I purchased to say that it was time limited I see no reason why the software shouldn't carry on being used nor any reason for it to be incompatible with Mavericks given the others work fine. Any help or similar experiences gratefully received.

      Thanks in advance, Hamish.


      Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 12.59.29.png