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    Import Images - Automatically Full Page Width, Aligned w/ Text, Distance to Text ?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hi, this is an ID newbie's question, hope you don't mind; i did some search already, but wasn't lucky.


      I want to create an ebook in InDesign, planning to export to Kindle, Epub etc. I am creating a long Word text of about 70.000 characters and then i need to import around 100 TIFF images into the ID file; most of these images need to spread to full page width.


      To import the images: I plan to have captures written within the text with their own "caption" print format. Above the caption i want to type the image number, so in the text it looks like this:



      This is lore ipsum for my caption


      I want to bring the images into the InDesign text with this automatic behaviour, hopefully:

      • image automatically spreads to full page width (most images need to spread to full page width)
      • image falls in line with text, does not hide text or hide under text
      • image has a certain vertical distance to normal text that comes right before the image (and regular vertical distance to the caption)


      Is it possible to do that? In my own tests, InDesign doesn't do any of this – images spread to any size, overlap text.


      If it is necessary to first format all image files to a certain resolution or width in inches/cm, I'd know how to do that damage-free with a Photoshop batch action.


      Should i

      - copy-past

      - drag

      - "Place"

      the images?


      By the way, the original text is being created in Word. I tried to "link" the images straigh within the Word file (so they are not physically stored in the file), but then, the images don't show up in Lightroom when i import the text (with Import Options visited).


      I understand my  question is very general and tiring. But if you could just tell me if my wishes above can be met not? For any details above that i'll be double thankful. Also if you know a good instruction apart from the Adobe help texts itself, i would like to know (written text preferred over video, in English or German, not a forum).