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    "Premiere Elements 10 repeatedly asks me to enter the "unlock code"


      I have bought Premiere Elements 10 and duly registered it after installing it.

      I work with the program offline as user.

      Having started a new Instant Movie porject, I do the following:

      - import the relevant photos from the organizer to the project

      - click on the Instant Movie icon (= I want to apply the theme to be chosen on the whole project)

      - chose one of the themes offered (I downloaded 2 of the 3 "contents packages" available from Adobe)

      - click on "next"

      - enter the attributes to be used in the Instant Movie project

      - click on "apply"

      To the then appearing statement that "All effects a.s.o., entered by the user, will be replaced", I reply "without".

      After this message a new window: "Components are activated" is appearing, in which I am asked to enter the "unlock code".

      Having entered the unlock code, the following message appears twice after each other with exact identical wording: "Do you accept the following program will make some changes to your computer?"

      The program mentioned there is: "Microsoft (c) registerserver".

      This question has to be answered with my administrator PIN.  

      My question: Why does this happen and how can I avoid having to enter the "unlock code" and answer the above question twice after each other in every project??   

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you saying that, whenever you use (Offline) any of the Instant Movie themes on any given day, you have to use "unlock code" to continue with the Instant Movie theme? In other words, the unlock code is not being remembered for the feature it is unlocking first time around.


          Do you get the "unlock code" message for any other feature in the program? And, do you use the same "unlock code" whether the feature is Instant Movie or another of the features of the program?


          Is the "unlock code" specific to one particular Instant Movie theme? Is so, which one?