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    RoboHelp 6 + RoboServer 6

      The project I am working on has expanded from 600 topics to over 2700, it is expected to contain around 4300 topics at completion. Currently everything is in FlashHelp (using RH X5). I have now been asked to see if it could be possible to transfer our knowledgebase to RH. With the limitations of RoboSource control we switched to VSS and everything works perfectly. I read somewhere that RoboServer 6 can be used to create a knowledebase and the distinct advantage as I see it, is FlashHelp Pro 6 with all the reporting facilities could be used. Am I right should I get the company to invest further (upgrade to RH6 + purchase RS6) as it is seems an expensive option. I also have plans to get captivate to further enhance the site. Many thanks - Mike
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          johndaigle Level 4
          I think both the new Adobe RoboHelp 6 "client" and RoboHelp Server 6 "server" as well as Captivate would be a great choice and I am seeing this more and more among by consulting clients and students.

          I have written an article for the Adobe Developer Center that is due to be published tomorrow (Monday, Feb 19).

          The article "Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 improves the feedback loop" discusses many of the issues. I really like the fact that the new Server 6 allows for FlashHelp Pro now.

          Hope this helps.
          John Daigle
          Evergreen, Colorado
          Adobe Certified Instructor for RoboHelp, Adobe Captivate and Acrobat Connect Professional

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            guntackle Level 1
            Yes thanks John that was the answer I was looking for especially now that I will be geting Captivate 2 to work with - Kind regards - Mike