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    Colour of Paragraph Styles not being overridden CS5.5.

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      I've got quite a few documents and I have some Paragraph Styles (PStyles) which I load into latter documents.


      I have some which are actually PStyles inside a Table. 2 small problems; I can live with the first:

      1. It doesn't actually load the PStyle formatting properly;
      2. Once I format the PStyle as I desire, the colouring of the PStyle does not override the text I assign it to. E.g. I have orange text, I then choose PStyle 1 (orange), the font changes to the correct font-type but the colour does not change.


      Surely this is a fault?

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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure all of the text in the styled paragraph also has [None] set as its Character style. You could have a paragraph style with the text fill set to orange and a character style with a fill of black applied to all of the words in the paragraph. In that case the text would be black.


          You can also override paragraph styles. If that's the case when the text is selected, a + sign will display in the Paragraph Styles panel next to the style's name.