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    why can't i set my sort default

    Jane Schelhaas Level 1

      I am trying to keep my sort default to "file extension" but it keeps changing that option and won't let me make that change permanent.  Can someone please advise how to keep my library sort feature to the default I want?  It used to keep this for me until I upgraded to CC.  I am working on a Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2.

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          bhousto90 Level 4

          As designed the default sort order for all folders/collections is "Capture Time" and cannot be changed for new folders.

          And "Added order" is the default when selecting the current/previous import collection.


          After import you can change the sort order of single folder... it is only applied to that particular folder or collection only (and remains as such for that folder until you change it again)

          i.e. you could have a Parent folder showing all photos sorted by capture time and sub folders sorted independently by filename or file type.


          If this is not the behavior you currently seeing then it may have been a bug/error that Adobe has corrected in the current version you are using now.

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            Jane Schelhaas Level 1

            Thank you!  I used to be able to change it and it would stay to how I selected it (my preference is name/extension).  I do change the order after the import, but I was hoping I could just have the default that I prefer stick.  Obviously this is not a huge issue, just something I find annoying.  Thanks for your help!

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              Russell Cardwell

              I've had the same problem for several months. Very annoying. I prefer to keep my images sorted by capture time. But frequently, when I open Lightroom, I find they have been scrambled, and the menu always has Custom Order checked.


              The menu was hard to find at first. I've used Lightroom for years and never used that menu. My photos remained sorted the way I prefer. Now it's become very familiar, as I have restore my images' sort order several times a week. If this is another new feature, 'automatic image randomization', I don't like it much.

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                I have been using LR since version 3ish and I seem to recall being able to select my default sort order in Grid view of Previous Import. I'm almost certain.


                Why is this such a big deal? It is a PITA when working with multiple cameras: I am a photojournalist and always have at least 2 cameras working, and some times remotes. When I am in a hurry and rushing through a bunch of imported pictures from multiple cameras I am trying to build an accurate chronology of situations where pictures were taken concurrently, or very close together.


                I know this is my own fault, but it has only been an issue with recent versions: I am so used to the grid being in Capture Time by default I will scan through hundreds or thousands of pictures doing picks for an event (goal, tackle, politician tripping, etc) and then realise that the I have missed a ton of shots because the card was the last to be ingested.


                Truth be told, I'm not sure why Added Order would be the default order. Don't most people think chronologically when reviewing a series of pictures of an event?


                I digress. I could have sworn that the default sort was selectable in all views in earlier versions.