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    Adobe TV won't play learning videos


      Hey Forum - I'm working with a Mac Pro Tower with 2 X 2.8 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processors running 28 GB of RAM Memory.  I have adobe cloud 2014 and I'm noticing that a number of things aren't working.  The video learning tutorials from Adobe don't play back when I open them up, so it's frustrating - has anybody else had this issue and is there some setting or way to resolve it?  Also, I've downloaded a trial version of Premiere 2014 and I'm trying to do a warp stabilize effect on some shaky video, but the effect runs for a 1/2 giving me a banner across the video window that says first analysing and then stabilizing only to end up presenting me with an error message saying stabizing failed and imprinting the banner on the clip!  if i export that piece of video back out, it has the banner burned in!  Puzzled; any help appreciated!