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    Reference earlier section?


      Hey guys,


      I'm new to AE and I'm wondering if it's possible to reference an earlier section of the video without copying it. For example, I'm making lyrics videos for songs that have multiple choruses. Instead of copying 3 times, and if there's a sync error, fixing it in 3 places, can I just reference the first time for the 2nd and 3rd time and only have to fix the error once?




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this were my project I would put each stanza or sentence in a separate comp, then edit the project in Premiere Pro. IOW, make the chorus a separate comp, then either edit the piece in PPro when all verses have been rendered, or drop your Chorus comp in the main comp where it is needed. The longer your comp, the more moves you have, the harder it is to make adjustments. This is especially true when cutting to music. I've made a bunch of dynamic text animations that are three minutes or longer. Most of them were built as sentences, occasionally paragraphs or stanzas. Only the first one was done as a single comp, then after client review and edits were attempted I broke it into 5 or 6 pieces, fixed the parts that needed fixing, and cut the final in Premiere.

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            Drumrocker365 Level 1

            Thanks for the help! This is my first lyrics video and every single word is a separate text layer.. it's taken me a few days to do it and I knew there had to be a better way.