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    Animate sketch (and the drawing hand) with multiple masks


      I want to animate a bunch of illustrations (with 100+ path objects) i will draw inside Illustrator with my WACOM tablet and later add my Hand by motion path to draw it live.


      What i did was to import the final .ai layer (comp sized 1080), add the path by copy & paste as a mask (or better as 100+ masks) and apply the Generate > Stroke effect. I ended up with a beautiful animation of my illustration, without using the path tool in AE.


      Now i want to copy & paste the mask or motion path to the position of the image of my hand. Problem is: this just works by select and copy mask path, not multiple masks.


      Is there a way to access the position data out of the stroke effect or another way to copy the exact position data of the motion path to match it with the actual position of the stroke effect?


      Would be great!