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    Is Lightroom mobile and the Creative Cloud good options for SD Card backup while traveling overseas?


      I am leaving for a two week overseas trip where I will have very limited luggage space.  I am very concerned about backing up my photos from this trip. I am carrying several smaller SD cards, but would still like to have a backup plan.


      I LOVE Lightroom 4 but have yet to make the switch to Lightroom 5.  I am willing to do this, if it will solve my back-up needs while on this trip.


      I can use my husband's iPad for the mobile application, so that is not the problem.


      I am curious as to how much space I have on the Creative Cloud... and once I get home, will those pictures I uploaded to the Creative Cloud instantly become available on my desktop's version of Lightroom 5 (assuming that I have no problem transitioning from LR4 ... but that is an entirely different forum question).


      thank you so much for any input you can provide.  I leave in one week....