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    All of a sudden LR 5.7 is not importing photos from my SD cards.

    Min Kamp

      Sorry, but I don't have a solution to your problem.You may need to supply more detail if possible.


      My question came up same day and is very similar so I thought I'd add to this thread!


      On Windows 7 64-bit, after a brief power outage of about 1 second during an LR5.7 session I found LR will not import anything. Usually I connect a camera (I use two: a Canon P&S and a Nikon D90) and after a wait there's usually a grid of images available to select and import. Now I wait in vain for this stage for it never comes. I notice that if I go to a folder of images it does not import from there either, or even show me the images, with or without "Don't import suspected duplicates" checked. When import worked I used to see the camera light flickering during the assembly of the display of shots, as well as the import I think. Now it flashes once and goes off. Not promising.


      I feel I may have to re-install LR5. Does that seem premature? Is there a "repair import protocol" option that might help?




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