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    Help unterminated string constant error?


      I have been working with after effects and I was trying to make a wiggle effects, I watched a tutorial about how to do it, I followed everything correctly, but I got an error.. Can anyone help me out, I entered this as expression (it was in video description)


      minAudio = 0;

      maxAudio = 100;

      minStretch = 90;

      maxStretch = 120;

      audioLev = thisComp.layer("Sound Keys").effect("Sound Keys")("Output 1”);

      s = linear(audioLev, minAudio, maxAudio, minStretch, maxStretch);


      Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.44.07 PM.png

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          Well ...


          1. This is the InDesign forum ...

          2. You may have cropped the image to not include your entire screen.

          3. Using the ESTK editor, you could have seen this with the syntax highlighting,

          and finally 4. the error message tells you what line it is on.


          The very last double quotation mark is a curly one, not a straight. Strings in Javascript may only use straight quotes.