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    PDF Export Looks Good at 150% Zoom, but Bad on 100%

    Ricky Leone



      I'm extremely new to InDesign, and am trying to make a colourful resume/portfolio design using ID, but am running into an issue already with exporting via PDF.


      The original issue was that the logo (which has my name and occupation(s)) were coming out SUPER blurry as a PSD I "placed" in the ID document (I tried PNG and Photoshop PDF as well, to no improvement).  After a lot of struggling with export options, I went back to PhotoShop and changed the PSD from 72 ppi to 300 ppi, which increased the dimensions of the PSD but improved the quality significantly. 


      However, now I find that the PDF file looks great in Acrobat on larger zooms (150% and 200%), but bad on 100% (where it seems like it's being "downscaled," so the smaller text looks awfully compressed).  I've experimented with ppi's in between (240, 180, etc), but it ends up becoming "blurry" at 100%, like the 72 ppi setting.


      Any ideas on how I can fix this so the logo looks crisp at 100% on a PDF export?






      Image (full-size): http://www.starrcadia.com/logo2.png