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    SWF Encryption and Security by kglad

    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      i have developed a swf encryption program (jsfl) that, i believe, is relatively uncrackable. relatively means if it were worth tens of thousands of dollars to crack, it wouldn't take more than a few weeks for a professional to crack.

      it does have two weaknesses. one i'd rather not reveal but has nothing to do with the encryption scheme, the swf or anything else under the control of the encryption scheme. and the other is the possibility someone could hold a gun to the head of the encrypter and demand the code. (which i think would be a pretty successful tactic.)

      but other than that it is much more secure than anything else i've seen.

      i've uploaded a test file to my website. i'd like to invite users to decompile, check the source code or otherwise mess with it to see if they can find a weakness.

      there's no need to crack the code and spend a lot of time. i'm just looking to see if someone can see a method to attack the encryption that would eventually lead to success.


      p.s. the swf displays a much faster and much more versatile (than g skinner's) hit detection scheme that i made after working on a project for urami. click on the dot or weird shape to drag. release and the object released turns green if it has a positive hit with the other shape.

      p.p.s. please don't hack my server. i'm not challenging anyone to destroy all my files or otherwise bring down my website. i'm just looking for challenges to the encryption scheme.
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