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    For  Loop help

      I am new to Flex and need help with writing a loop. I am getting xml result of <TotalPages>13</TotalPages> I need to write a loop that will draw a link button for each page that is listed in the returned xml nod eTotalPages. I am returning my totalPages to an int named pageCount. I am not sure of how to wirte this out. This will be used as navigation and will be dynamic depending on xml results. This is what I have written and just can not get to work, Any help would be apprecaited.


      private var _pageCount:int;
      public function set pageCount(_pageCount:int):void
      this._pageCount = _pageCount;

      public function get pageCount():int
      return _pageCount;
      private var i:int;
      for (i = 0; i > pageCount; i++);
      test.text= ;