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    The picture in lightroom does not reflect the exported picture on the same screen




      When I import RAW photos, they get a "warm filter" added to them in Lightroom.


      When I export the photos, they are "colder".


      For instance, this printscreen, Flickr-vs-Lightroom | Flickr - Photo Sharing! ,shows the image in lightroom, and the same image after I've published it on Flickr next to each other. I get the same result when I export it as jpeg.


      So, the thing is that I prefer the exported version. I don't want the photos to get this warm filter. Also, I want whatever is in lightroom to reflect what the image is going to look like in when I export it.


      What is going on?




      Also, when I make the photo BW , BW | Flickr - Photo Sharing!, it still has this brown layer on top of it. It also looks like the histogram is colored. I'm new to LR, but I am guessing that the histogram should be show black and white colors?


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