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    Automation Server Error

    charlesarnold Level 1

      When I load the skin editor, I get an Automation Server "can't create object". - Line 222, Char 3 (if that helps any).

      The URL referenced is whskin_pdhtml.htm. It's in a Temp folder on the local drive.

      When I view the WebHelp output, the navigation pane is blank. Sam happens when I try to view a published WebHelp system on the company shared drive. It worked previously, and other users have no problem with it. I think this has something to do with a corrupt or missing .dll on my machine, but don't know how to locate and fix the file.

      One alternative may be to reinstall RoboHelp. That could be difficult, as I have to chase the support dude down, as they do not give us peons administrative rights.

      I have fiddled with the security settings In Internet Explorer, but no luck.


      Charles Arnold
      MetLife DI
      Tampa, Florida