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    Can't get nested movie clip to play

      Hi everyone,

      I have a movieclip on one of the frames on the maintimeline. Within this movieclip is a nested movieclip which itself is contained by another clip. The first movie clip plays to a certain frame where I've got some code telling the nested movie clip to play at that frame but this nested clip doesn't play. I'm not sure if I'm targetting the nested clip incorrectly or whether something else is wrong with the code.

      The .fla file can be downloaded at:


      if someone would take a look. The movie clip in question is on the layer called text5, and within this mc on frame 15 is the code I'm trying to use to get the nested movieclip to play at that point. The code used on that frame is:

      pauseAnim = setInterval (this, "nextFrame", 4000);

      I wondered if someone could take a look and see what I might be doing wrong? Basically the free_mc clip just makes the word "FREE" scale up.

      Would really appreciated any advice.