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    Trouble with Pull Down Menu

    bag man
      Hi I'm new to this forum and relatively new to Flash (only had a couple Flash 8 classes) So I'm not positive that my problem is directly related to the action scripting but since I know next to nothing about action scripting, it probably is.
      Here is my problem:
      I'm trying to use a pulldown menu designed by Ken Brown (a copy of his method is at the bottom of my post). When I created it in a new flash file it works wonderfully, but when I placed it within another Flash scene it acts as though there is no defined "Hit area" for the button (the menu items stutter on and off as you roll the cursor over the button type). I've double checked the "hit zones" for the buttons, and even rebuilt this pulldown menu several times, but it acts the same every time. I'm at a loss as to how to fix it.
      Here is a link to the Menu Buttons in a separate file (working properly): Working Pulldown Menu

      and heres a link to the same buttons in my scene (they are the "men" and "women" buttons and you can skip the intro if you are in a hurry): Broken Pulldown Menu

      and here is the description of Ken Brown's Pulldown Menu and the action scripting it uses:

      ( All right, start off making the title button of your menu, make it a button, and then put it in the first frame of a movie clip, label the first frame "off" (without quotations). After that, put the 'stop' action on the first frame. Make sure the "menu title" button you put in frame 1 is also in frame 2 (hit F6 to create the keyframe in frame 2 to copy the button from frame 1). Make the second frame consist of the title button and any buttons you want for that particular menu (to pull down), label that frame "on" (without quotations), and ad the 'stop' action to that second frame. Then go back to your scene, and attach this code to an instance of your movie clip:
      //is the cursor over the movie clip
      //if there is a change, go to another frame
      if(!previouslyOver and currentlyOver){
      } else if (previouslyOver and !currentlyOver){

      Oh, and thanks in advance for any help. It will be greatly appreciated.