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    Can I force Robohelp to re-explore the installed Word version?

    Rsfl Level 1

      I have both Word 2010 and 2003 installed. Normally I use the 2010 Version and there were no general problems importing from Word into Robohelp 11. However I now used the 2003 version for a brief period and after this no Word import into Robohelp is possible any more. This concerns all documents (also new test documents), both .doc and .docx.


      When I switch between Word version I get the "Configuring Word.." dialog every time and this process evidently confuses Robohelp's ability to call the correct Word version. I tried all combinations, having Word 2010 or 2003 as my currently configured version and importing both .doc and .docx documents, but nothing works anymore.


      I have the hope that I can reset Robohelp's Word configuration - is there any solution except for re-installing?