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    How to make a sidebar menu with subsection?




      I've been trying to make a sidebar menu with subsections you can expand and collapse both in muse and edge animate but I just can't. I've search the net for tutorials for two weeks now, it's like such a menu just doesn't exist even tho I've seen them on several sites.


      Thos is a picture of how I want it to look:

      Screenshot 2015-03-02 10.18.34.png


      As a default, you can only see "home" and the two "subject". Then when you click on the first "subject", the two "tutorials" expand down, when you click on the individual "tutorials" the parts of that tutorial expands down. When you click on the buttons that expand subsection again, they collapse.


      As I've said I've search for tutorials for weeks, the person I'm making the website with has also search without any luck at all. I've found a tutorial that lets me have 1 button with subsection expanding when mouse is over it, but nothing where there are buttons below the button you expand. I'm starting to thing it's just impossible, but I can't understand how it should be impossible. In case it actually is possible I need to re-thing the way I organise and navigate the entire site.


      There is gonna be a whole lot of content on the site, we expect it to grow with up to 100 pages a month, therefor the navigation is obviously very important.


      I really hope someone can help me! A link to a tutorial I haven't been able to find or a description on how to do it, thanks!