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    Render and preview problems


      In certain comps the footage in the layers do not appear on the screen. I can roll over them and they allow me to select them, but they do not appear. In some comps only the length marked by the green RAM Preview band can be previewed. I now get the follo...


      In addition, my comps are starting to to black out the footage in the layers... I can roll over them on the screen and even select them as they are highlighted but they are not visible... not all comps are behaving like this. If I open a different project... it starts doing the same thing. I get the following message:

      "RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames to playback."



      I try to render the comp, will not do anything. I stop the rendering.. then try to render again it gives me a message that

      "You must have at least one render item in order to render." I do have the render item selected.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You put too much in your post title and it got cut off. It's been moved into the body of the message, but you'll need to edit it to put the info that got truncated back into your message. The post title is meant to be a couple of words so we know what your post is about; it is not meant to be the first paragraph of your message because it gets cut off.


          And, while you're editing your post, you'll need to provide us a lot more information in order to help you. Screenshots of what you're seeing showing your timeline would be helpful. Also, we need much more info about what you're working with. Exact version of AE down to the last decimal, exact version of the operating system you're using, system specs, format and codec of your footage items, etc., etc., etc.


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            tracyl55350453 Level 1

            OK. Thanks for the feeedback