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    line smoothing in Adobe Draw?

    seanh67 Level 1

      Why hasn't line smoothing been included in Adobe Draw?  It was a great feature in Ideas.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          There is stroke smoothing.  You can find it in preferences. (While Drawing / After Drawing). (click on the pen/app icon for preference panel)


          You may want to change to "After Drawing" to see the line value change.

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            seanh67 Level 1

            I'll take a look this evening.  Thanks for your response.

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              I can not find line smoothing. I went in preferences and there is only setting for tool bar and reset coachmarks and dialogs feature.?

              I have Android version of Adobe Draw. Thanks

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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                There is no toggle in Draw for Android because it smooths lines by default. The reason there's a toggle in Draw for iOS is because people who used Adobe Ideas, before they began using Draw, were used to having the Smoothing toggle in the app, so we left it in.


                I hope that helps.



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                  seanh67 Level 1

                  I basically have abandoned this software largely for the fact that I can't find this feature. I was looking at it again today on my phone because I just ordered an ipad pro with the apple pencil.  I went to the regular preferences (the gear) and found nothing about line smoothing, so then I went to each brush, clicked for the editing panel and then clicked the 3 slider icon at the bottom, I can adjust roundness, angle, taper, size, pressure, velocity - but no line smoothing.  What am I missing?  Thanks.

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                    Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

                    start in the main project view without opening any projects. Then choose Settings > Preferences > Stroke Smoothing. Note that this is always on, it just allows you to choose whether smoothing happens during or after the stroke. See screen shots below.









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                      I think it is not good for android users...i hope will be same preferences like for IOS ??

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                        Motoed-Work Level 1

                        I find this feature stressful... I've seen other apps implement this so much better. It would be awesome if smoothness was an adjustable brush setting and not an application setting. There are times you want to be able to make a hard corner or control the angle much better.


                        I get very frustrated when I'm drawing and end up with a nice line and then lift up and the line take a smooth completely different shape. And then when you switch it to while drawing... it isn't smooth enough in some instances.  A toggle control or adjustable strength of smoothness would be much more useful instead of an app setting, IMO.

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                          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                          Hi MotoEd.


                          We do get a number of requests to move the stroke-smoothing toggle from the main Settings panel to the Brush Settings panel. I don't know whether moving that setting is something that's being considered, but I do know the product team is looking for ways to improve/enhance stroke smoothing in Draw.


                          I'll most certainly share your request/comments with the Draw team.


                          Thanks for taking the time to post.