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    drawing apps for Android?

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      Why is this app among other drawing apps not available for Android?  I'll beat a dead horse with the hope that someone eventually takes the "one correspondence represents 1500 actual people with the same view" formula seriously.


      I've been a faithful Apple user since I started in graphic design 20 years ago.  Full CC member and ipad owner.  But let's face it - drawing with your finger or nub sized equivalent sucks.   Using a pen that compensates for this grid-based touch system is better, but it still misses the mark by a lot.  SO after buying such a pen and having gone through all the highest recommended apps, I come to the same conclusion - only now I've spent a fair amount of money and wasted a lot of time.  So I buy a Galaxy Note - now we're talking.  Digitized stylus and the right technology to use it and it's pretty close to actually drawing.  I figure that since this is where it's at, and no-one disagrees that drawing with a fine-point pen beats drawing with an eraser that tracks an eighth of an inch off from it's target, good apps for drawing should be a no-brainer.  And Adobe should be at the top of this development.


      What gives?  Are there truly not enough illustrators or people in the creative field who want this to make it profitable?  I find that difficult to believe. Either way, some answer might provide some insight into this absurdity.

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          I bought the Android Adobe tablet apps (all six) when they first came out. Now, after spending $9.99 per app, they don't even have them them available in the old iterations. The photoshop app is the only one left that they left on Android. I also have the Galaxy Note 4 phablet and 12.2 tablet - both would support a lot more precise drawing and manipulation than a finger or rubber stylus. I'm also a full CC subscriber, but it appears they don't want to support even the latest Android OS. Admittedly, we were on Honeycomb when the first apps were made for tablet, but the Android OS is so much more advanced now. Seems like more of an "anti-Google" stance than anti-illustrators.

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            actually spoke with someone who was involved with the brush app as well as the Adobe Drive app and what they said was that the iPhones were a lot easier to continue developing because of the graphics processor being the same in all of the iPhones or at least the same architecture. He commented that they were working on android development but that it would take A bit more time. I know that in today's society a year can seem like a long time but when you consider that they're giving these apps away for free and the amazing power i'm just excited to be able to have them. In due time I'm sure that they will have an android app out as well but their original development was for the iPhone platform. As a teacher and a lower income school where a number of students have android devices because they're cheaper I too look forward to the day when Adobe releases these apps on the android platform as well.