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    populate dropdown list from dropdown selection

    kseaver Level 1

      I have a form field with two dropdown lists. I have seen an example of this in an order form but everything was multiplied out to accomodate several rows and so the coding wont work for what I am trying to do. I am trying to get the first combo box selection populate the items that appear in the second selection and then have a different field populate with a unique value that is dependent on what is selected. The method called for adding a document level javascript to input the list. An example of what I am looking for is:


      Dropdown 1 has the list items: Fruit, Grains, Meat. The user selects one of these. If fruit is selected Dropdown 2 is populated with: apples, pears, bananas; if Grains is selected dropdown 2 is populated with: whole grain, rice, quinoa. etc. The other box is just a text field labeled price. So that when apples is selected it inputs a price for apples of $1.00 if bananas are selected it inputs a value of 3.00. I link to an example by Thom Parker can be found here: http://www.windjack.com/PDFSamples/ListPrograming_Part1_AcroForm.pdf, but don't need multiple lines or any sort of calculation. Hope this makes sense.